Aurum Metals

We are a leader in the dynamic field of buying and selling precious metals including gold, Krugerrands, silver and platinum. This owner-operated company guarantees that every business deal, service and product with their name on, has integrity and excellence at its core. Motivated by a newfound objective – to become the largest independent buyer and seller of precious metals in Africa. Aurum Metals prides itself on efficient service, quick turnaround time and systems that ensure faultless and trustworthy measurements.

Our business practices are shaped by consistency, accuracy and trust, and it’s because of this that they have a stellar reputation within the market. The Aurum Metals team deals with large and medium sized refineries as well as smaller jewelers on a daily basis, constantly pushing their knowledge and work ethic towards bigger and better. Aurum Metals welcomes any company that wants to invest in or sell gold or precious metals to come and experience a professional, reliable and competent service offering.


Precious metal services

We provide a comprehensive range of services throughout the complete gold value chain.
This includes assaying, refining, selling the finished product in the market, responsible sourcing of gold from African gold suppliers.


We provide comprehensive assaying service to our clients dealing only with reputable and ISO standard registered assayers. The full service assaying laboratories use Fire Assaying for large scale purity testing together with ICP machines. We are typically able to deliver assay results within 24 hours.


We deal with the largest refineries with the highest standards in assaying, refining and smelting. AURUM GROUP is an industry leader in terms of customer service, efficiency and quality. The refinery uses cutting-edge technology and its products are widely accepted by international banks, bullions dealers, jewellers and traders worldwide.


Our facility offers a ready market for trading precious metal products. The gold is then sold in the local market to investment and bullion banks, jewellers and investors. This allows us to obtain the best possible prices for our customers with the smallest possible spreads. We are typically able to provide immediate payment to our clients’ account in full on receipt of assay.


We have an extensive network in Africa of responsible and ethical gold and precious metals producers. Our suppliers include larger refineries, traders and miners. All our customers undergo a rigorous examination to ensure they meet our highly responsible sourcing standards in accordance with the SADPMR and RJC C.O.C. guidelines.


We partner with industry leaders in the field of global gold logistics to provide an end to end transport solution, with safety and insurance paramount. We assist in logistics involved from export of country of origin and import and customs clearance.


Application form

If you are a prospective customer please download an account opening form and submit it to along with the necessary customer requirement documents that includes all the information we need in order to process your new account.

Customer requirements

  • Account Opening Form (Original)
  • Trade License
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association/Share Register
  • Passport copy for all beneficial owners/authorized signatories for the account
  • Personal Utility Bill (showing home address with last 6 months)
  • For scrap jewellery and/or pure gold supply chain customers, please submit the following:
    • Sample Invoices (min 2-3) showing purchase date and country of origin
    • Dated within 1 year from date of this application
    • Submit for each country of origin
    • Source of gold statement (sample format available on request)
  • For doré (mine originated) bars supply chain customers, please submit the following:
    • Supplier’s Trade License
    • Supplier’s Export License
    • Supplier’s Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • Mine owner’s Mining Licence (mine from which the gold originates)
    • Supplier’s passport copies (all beneficial owners mentioned on MOA)
  • If you are a mine owner:
    • Mining License
    • Passport copy of mine owner
  • NB:
    • We only accept documents in English
    • These are the initial requirements. It may be necessary to request further documents
    • Agreements/Contracts will be sent after our compliance department has approved your application.

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