Aurum Metals

Aurum Metals is a leader in the dynamic field of buying and selling precious metals including gold, Krugerrands, silver and platinum.

This owner-operated company guarantees that every business deal, service and product with their name on, has integrity and excellence at its core. Motivated by a newfound objective – to become the largest independent buyer and seller of precious metals in Africa.

Aurum Mining

Aurum Mining provide a turnkey solution. The plant layout is one of a kind, offering a process route that has previously only been imagined.

PGM and Gold processed in one plant. The plant is a clearly outlined closed circuit system designed to give optimized throughput at the least possible reaction times. This would be thanks to an assortment of advanced equipment and a team that has taken time to understand product quality.

South African diamond and precious metals regulator
Bureau Veritas
Responsible Jewellery Council
RAM couriers

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